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About Us

What started out as a group of parrot loving friends, has now become a great place to share our learning experiences with parrot owners just like us.

In the beginning, when most of us bought our first parrot, we were sold a cage and bag of seed to go with our "new addition". Now what? Nobody told us that a parrot cannot live on seed alone!

As time passed, we "new parrot owners" stumbled around a bit. All the while, continuing our learning curve. Discovering more and more on how we should be caring for our beloved parrots. After extensive reading, researching and networking with experts, we have come together to share it all with you, in a friendly and fun environment, known as "The Beak Squad".

Reasons to join.....

  • An afforable annual membership that you can't refuse! ($15.per year)
  • An opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests
  • A casual place to learn, learn, learn!
  • Tips and educational hand outs for you to reference.
  • Fun raffles that help our club sponsor an unwanted parrot, living at a Sanctuary.
  • Guest Speakers share interesting topics with us
  • A good place to share experiences and to learn more about our parrots.


Menifee - We have "Location Rotation". Site address and time will be announced each month to all members.

Meetings - The 4th Sunday of each Month in the late afternoon

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