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Happy, Healthy and Safe in our new homes!

Sharing the stories of adopted parrots and cockatoos from our Foster Program

My name is Martini. I am a very pretty and very sweet Lovebird :)

I was found in a backyard somewhere in Riverside

County. The animal shelter called TheBeakSquad and then the club foster parents introduced me to a new home that I love. I have 2 human parents, lots of friends and relatives that adore me. And, I have a cat!


Sammy - Green Cheeked Conure

I started off as a real brat, don't EVEN come near my cage, cuz I will bite your finger off! When I met my new Dad, I fell in love immediately. This is me, in my Dad's hand the first day at my new home

Fuego- White Fronted Amazon

I LOVE my new mommy and my roomates, an African Grey and a Patagonian Conure. We are all spoiled cuz we eat with our parents on the dining room table every night.

Bubbles - Parakeet

I miss my foster mom cuz I was with her for a long time. My new family treats me like a queen. I have 2 birdie friends, Monroe and Daisy my foster roomate who got adopted with me!

Daisy - Cockatiel

I was adopted with Bubbles. I am no longer frightened of people becuase my new parents reassured me. I enjoy hanging out with Monroe and my new family.

The Sisters - Parakeets

Shelby &    - Parakeets

My foster parent's Grandma adopted us. She says we sing really pretty.

 I am Jelly Bean. A super affectionate 10 year old Umbrella Cockatoo. I am much happier now that I don['t have to live with reptiles. Now, I have people that actuallly understand my needs. I love fresh fruits and veggies, baths and sunlight.

I can't tell you how much I love my new mommy and the attention and time that she spends with me. Lucky me!

Tiki - Orange Winged Amazon

I came in with my brother Peanut Macaw, but I was adopted first!

Toby- Yellow Naped Amazon

I love being spoiled by my new parents I have a new huge cage, sunroom, and a grey sister. I love hanging out with my parents in the computer room. I laugh at my mom alot!

Perry - Pionus

Sweet Perry was found flying about without a human family. It turned out that all he needed was

time in a loving foster home. He now has a Mom and Dad, along with two little boys. And he

now has a few words of his own to say.

My new fun family really loves me and spoils me. They did lots of research before they decided to adopt me. They met me at The Beak Squad's adoption event at the park.

 Candy - Eclectus

I am a bit shy, but quickly became attached to my new foster parents during our very first meeting, so they adopted me :) I have a Maximillian Pionus, Rose Breasted Cockatoo, a Parrolet, and a doggy as roomates.

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