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I have been adopted!

"Toby", male, about 10 years old. Yellow Naped Amazon. Toby was turned in because his elderly family could no longer care for him.

He is quiet, animated and lovable.

Toby likes tickles on his head and neck. Being one of the larger Amazons, he will require someone that is confident and has the time to spend with him to keep him sweet and affectionate.

He loves grapes, warm foods like potato, scrambled eggs, sweet potato, corn on the cob, and snap peas. Toby is supplemented with a parrot mix of seeds, nuts, dried fruits and veggies. He is currently being spoiled :), and we hope to find a forever home that will spoil him too!

I have been adopted!

Extremely well adjusted Umbrella Cockatoo (rescued) Female, sweet, cuddly, affectionate. 10 years old. Not loud like many Cockatoos. She has been examined by a board certified avian vet , including extensive blood tests and is healthy. She is very well socialized. Medical records go with her.

I have been adopted by my Foster Parents!

Elderly male Congo African Grey (rescued). Has been trained to step up on a stick. He loves grapes, corn on the cob, banana, apple and sprouted seeds/grains. He has been examined by a board certified avian vet, including extensive blood tests and is healthy. He has some arthritis and a minor handicap that is not life threatening. 

ADOPTED: Young Congo African Grey (owner turn in). Bonds easily with men, and female caregivers . Very affectionate. Animated/vocal. 2 years old, sex undetermined. Very healthy eater! Loves everything that is offered to him/her.

Link to adoptable parrots: (Parrot Education & Adoption Center)

Quail Ridge Parrot Ranch & Rescue

Murrieta CA 92563      951-698-1601


"Marty", Double Yellow Headed Amazon, available for adoption soon! What a beauty! 15 years young. Contact us if you think you would be interested in this silly parrot!

Meet "Bobby Blue", a young, tame, male parakeet. Currently in foster care and looking for his forever home!

"Paris" Moluccan Cockatoo available to experienced parrot lover. She is well socialized, vet checked, DNA'd. Feathers are beginning to grow back! Healthy appetite for healthy foods, too! Cuddly and needs someone to spend a lot of time with her. She is under 10 years old.

Mexican Red Headed Parrot - Adopted! Jazz, young female. Hand tame, sweet and demonstrates her intelligence well. Jazz is loveable, to all of her new family members, Has had her vet check, including blood work and is healthy. Parrot experience is always helpful.

Female Ringneck Parakeet: Band indicates 08 hatch. Stray. I am not tame. I talk a little bit and give kiss sounds. I love apples, sprouts and snap peas.

Adopted 4/2012 - Socrates & Venus - Parakeets - 

Adopted! Sweet Parakeet: "Bubbles", currently in Foster Care. As you can see in the picture, she is quite comfortable around humans. Contact for more information

ADOPTED 8/2010 Pionus, 6 years old. Tame and loves attention. Great as a first parrot in the family.

I have been adopted!

Meet "America". Male, White Fronted Amazon, aka: Spectacled Amazon Parrot. (Amazona albifrons). Unknown age. Appears to be in very good health. Life span can exceed 50 years. He was found flying around a large retail store.

He has been in a foster home since Summer 2009. "I am a pretty parrot, not too loud or messy. My Foster Mom is teaching me to be more tame and social because I was afraid at first. I need lots of love and attention. I can say "Sweetheart". I love my toys, especially wood toys. My favorite food is apple and parrot seed mix. I am the smallest of the Amazon parrots, about 9 inches long.

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